Refer A Colleague & Get a Discount on Your Next Consulting Package!

When you share our name, your colleague will also get:

  • Free analysis of their practice, including actionable steps they can take to improve it
  • Marketing and strategy ideas to attract new patients
  • Free assessment of their brand and online presence

Fred King
CEO & Owner

Refer A Colleague Here

We know that talking to a friend, family member or colleague about choosing a management consultant firm is never easy. That's why we make referring a fellow healthcare practice owner to Silkin simple and beneficial to both you and your colleague!

Grab resources to talk to your colleagues about us below:

How to Talk to Your Colleagues About Silkin

Step One: Share Your Success Story

Nothing says success better than hearing it from someone you trust. First, let your colleague know of the key gains you have made since starting to work with Silkin. Be as effusive as you like!

Letting a colleague know that you are making significant progress toward your personal, professional or community goals is the best compliment you can give to us.

Hey Dr. Bob, 

I wanted to share an opportunity with you that may be of help to your practice. I've been working with silkin management group for some time now, they are a consulting firm that has helped thousands of ________________ practices like ours. 

They have really made a difference for my practice especially through Covid.  If you have a need they might be able to help you with would you be interested in finding out how?  I mention this now because they are offering a complimentary 2 hour session at this time.  it's a good way to find out if it might make sense for you to work with them.  Interested?  

Step Two: Find Out What Your Colleague Needs

Next, ask your colleague if there are any areas they would like to improve in their practice. Most doctors & healthcare practice owners come to us with a specific issue they would like to resolve. Knowing what that is can help you ensure your colleague gets results.

Step Three: Tell Them Your Experience

Tell your colleague that you started out with a no-charge consultation and found it to be of help, and then had another no-cost, more in-depth, Practice Analysis which was even more helpful. Be sure to mention that neither of these cost anything nor committed you to anything.

At this point, you may hear objections from your colleague. You may find it helpful to show them the video below.

You will also find case studies at the bottom of this page which you can send them, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions

Step Four: Introduce Them To Us

Tell your colleague: "Would you be interested in just speaking with my Consultant about whatever management questions you might have?"

"Great! What is a good time for them to call you?"


Answers to Common Questions

1. Is the Silkin program and expertise really that good?

Silkin has thousands of success stories. Over the past four decades, we have worked with more than five thousands private practices, ranging in size from small single-doctor offices, to multiple location brands with hundreds of employees.

Notable clients include the founder of Banfield Pet Hospital, optician Ruth Domber and Dr. Tom Neimi - a US Air Force Veteran who went on to form New Era Dental in Arvada, CO under the guidance of Silkin Management Group. Dr. Neimi has been named America's Top Dentist by Consumer Research Council of America.

2. What are Silkin's credentials as a consulting firm?

Our company has won Consultants of the Year in the annual Consultant's Report, and made the Oregon Business List of 100 Best Companies - ranking #5 in career development and learning.

As business consultants for doctors in private practice since the early 80's, we have seen our clients through four recessions - coming out on top with clients whose revenues rose during those periods of economic struggle.

Silkin's seven consultants have a combined 250+ years of experience delivering to clients across the United States & Canada. Proud as we are of our years of service, nothing says it better than our Return on Investment Guarantee.

We customize each program to suit the client's individual needs, and are the only consulting firm in the US with a completely codified system proven to work in every practice no matter the size.

3. What is Silkin's basic philosophy of consulting?

We stand for helping clients achieve their goals by making you a better executive, increase your revenues, and build a competent team so you can have the time to spend on other pursuits.

4. If my colleague chooses to speak to you about management consulting, what does the process look like?

Just as you did when you first met us, your colleague will receive a Free Practice Analysis with our Senior Analyst Allen Jackson.

Case Studies

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