"I Am TIRED of Overspending On A Website That Doesn't Give Me New Clients/Patients..."

What if you could pay a fraction of the normal cost for a website...and finally have your business set up to generate new clients or patients online, so you can focus on delivering your expertise?




Hi, I'm Sarah Nadler. I'm a Business Consultant & Marketing Specialist for small business owners.

I've taught hundreds of business owners, consultants, doctors and practice owners just like you how to take their business and professional expertise online so they could transform social media from a black hole sucking all your team's time, into a business asset that makes you money while you sleep.

How long have you been trying to get customers or clients from your website or SEO strategies?

A Week? A Month...or Years?

Day after day you promise yourself you ARE going to build an online strategy that works...but there's just one problem. The person managing your site is a web developer...not a marketing expert.

They went to school to become an expert in computer code...not a digital marketing!

So now you have to pay someone ELSE to drive traffic to your website, and then you find out that the design looks pretty but isn't converting - meaning: hardly anyone is booking appointments. So you fire that guy and hire someone new...but that doesn't work either.

It's not that your web developer is dumb or incapable. They just didn't go to school to become a marketing expert.

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I just can't figure out how to make this website work for me." Then I have good news: My team is going to do it for you.

Lead Generation Websites

Having a lead generation website that you use to grow your email list is the foundation of online success. Without a consistently growing email list that is automatically nurtured, your digital marketing will be five times less effective!


20 Spots Available.

Full Website Package

$220 USD / HOUR

What You Get:

  •  Branded & fully customized business website
  • Your unique sales letter or video sales letter script
  • Home Page with an irresistible offer that convinces your customers or clients to come in now
  • Lead Generation Strategies to turn your 7% into 37% closed clients or patients!

What If You Had An Automated System That Met New Clients or Customers For You?

What if that system introduced them to your business, and helped you book appointments with them, or even sell products and packages online while you slept?

Just imagine...you open your inbox to find a reply from a new email subscriber, who found you on your website via a blog your team wrote. The blog was providing helpful content and the opportunity to access your brand new free workbook, checklist or video training. So, of course, they clicked the link. The system automatically emailed it to them, and now they are asking whether you have time to see them today!

Would that be worth it?



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